ir group

To build a fairer world

Every time we assume a new project we try to choose the best options, such as supporting local producers, helping fragile local groups, giving people a chance, choosing ecological options and honouring the commitment we have made with our customers, our employees and all our partners. We know that everyone’s effort can make the world a better place.

The IR Group strongly stands for the social capital as the set of relations that produces benefits for companies. This is the added value that reciprocal links between people can give to businesses. The way people relate confidently to each other is increasingly considered as an asset to businesses, whether at the level of local communities, value chains or different partners.

The social cohesion resulting from this management of social relations is critical for the economic prosperity of societies and for sustainable development, because in the medium and long terms values such as commitment, a sense of belonging, trust and tolerance bloom. These are fundamental to the well-being of people, business and their relations.


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