What Is The Golden Residence Permit Program or Golden Visa?
This program is a legal framework of the Portuguese government, which started on October 8th, 2012. The holders of a Golden Residence Permit can be eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit or Portuguese Citizenship through an investment.
Regarding real estate investments, the acquisition must have a minimum vale of €350.000, for Refurbishment properties. It can be assigned to Non-European Citizens or to Citizens of countries that did not subscribe the Schengen Agreement.
Golden Visa Advantages:
  • Ability to live, travel and invest in a space of security
  • Travel freely through the whole Schengen area from EU, without the need to apply for a European Visa or Passport
  • Access the same legal conditions as any other European citizen regarding taxes payment
  • Access to the European health system
  • Children can enter into the Portuguese free education system (They will be able to study at the any University within Europe, as a European citizen)
  • Request a Residence Permit for the immediate family, under the family regrouping option (ascendants/ descendants)
  • Apply for a Portuguese citizenship after 5 years
  • Reduced Mandatory stay period in Portugal – only 7-14 nights per year
Number of Permanent Residence Permits Golden Visa allowed by the Portuguese Government to international investors:
Gráfico 2
€350.000 Investment enable
for the whole family
The Lagos Beach Hotel & SPA enables to apply the Golden Visa