Buying or selling a home: better now or wait until 2023?

October 21, 2022 freepik
October 21, 2022

Despite the rise in rates and possible fall in prices, experts believe that real estate market will stabilize.

The current economic context, characterized by high inflation and rising interest rates, is influencing several sectors, namely real estate. And that is why both buyers and sellers of real estate wonder whether or not this is a good time to do business, or whether it is preferable to wait until 2023. Here's what some experts think.

In general, and when buying a house, most consultants believe that, despite the current circumstances, this is a good time to do it. Francisco Sierra, managing director of Casavo in Spain and Portugal, says that if we analyze the historical correlation between Euribor and sales, the rise in interest rates does not have a great impact on the number of transactions.

“We believe that 2022 will continue to be a good year to buy a property, since the measures promoted by the ECB to contain inflation will be offset by increased activity by private and institutional investors."It specifies that despite the fact that, as some reports point out, 2023 will be a year marked by a 15% drop in sales, the real estate market will stabilize, "since the impact of the rate increase will have an impact in the short term, improving the prospects for the future”.

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