real estate services

Our commitment is to create real estate products that are appropriate to the needs and expectations of partners, customers and investors.

our team

Our team, heterogeneous and multidisciplinary, is fully available to anticipate, predict and solve your doubts or any question that may arise.


  • Real state consulting
  • Property management
  • Investment management
  • Rehabilitation of buildings
  • Engineering and architecture support
  • Design services
  • Legal support
  • Financial assistance
  • Banking support and negotiation of financing solutions
  • Insurance mediation
  • After-sales service
  • Golden Visa Applications – to non-European citizens


Our investment products are designed to reduce risk factors and ensure high profitability. We sell tourist apartments free of expenses or charges, with a guaranteed return rate of 7%, with the possibility of reaching 10%, according to the occupancy rate of the Hotel. In addition, we can provide a bank guarantee, issued by a Portuguese bank and we guarantee an optional buyback, after the first five years of activity, for the total investment value.
The IR Group enables investors to have the opportunity to earn a solid, sustainable and balanced income through the Hotel Management Program. We treat everything and share with you the result of the touristic exploration of your apartment.
As real estate developers, our consulting services are based on a deep knowledge of the market. Our partners have given us a broad experience in real estate management. We promote the properties, manage the reserves, receive the clients and make sure of all the maintenance of all services.


Our deep knowledge about the real estate market and the Portuguese reality make us a reliable partner, suitable to evaluate any real estate project.
Our experience and multidisciplinary team allowed us to create premium real estate products, all-inclusive solutions.
We can represent you in Portugal and ensure the proper fulfillment of your interests. We provide a complete real estate service, with commercial support, legal assistance and assistance in bank financing processes (if necessary).
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